Product Description

Rainscreen cladding provides a rain barrier with a neat modern finish.

The chamfered edges overlap without touching with the bottom edge of each board acting as a water drip.

Flat faced boards give a shadow gap appearance which can be adjusted to taste and it is ideal for use in cladding, fencing or building contemporary gates.

Siberian Larch Rainscreen Cladding (SP07)

£4.19 per lm (ex. VAT)
Pricing Ex VAT
Price per Linear Metre £4.19
Price per Square Metre £31.01

Board Lengths

Siberian Larch is supplied in random lengths of approximately 4M.

Please allow for a small amount of waste when ordering.

If you require a specific board lengths, please call 01646 682738 to check the availability before placing your order.


We can deliver anywhere in the UK.

Mainland England and Wales – standard delivery charge £79.00.

For Scotland, Ireland (Northern and Republic) and outlying areas of the UK we will need to quote for delivery. Please call 01646 682738 or read our shipping information for more details.

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Product Details

£4.19 per lm (ex. VAT)

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(ex. VAT)

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Siberian Larch (Larix Sibirica) is taken from well managed old growth forests in western Russia.

The cold climate in which these trees grow produces a heavy wood with close growth rings weighing from 590kg/M3 to 690kg/M3 when dried

Due to its natural rot resistance and dense, tough structure this species is used externally for cladding, fencing, railway sleepers and pit props.

Larch has an interesting grain pattern with tones of warm yellow to light brown and if left to age naturally will turn a silver grey colour much prized by designers.

Due to its qualities of toughness and durability it is known as the tree of eternity and is strong enough for use as the track surface in velodromes worldwide.


Cladding Profile Information

SP07 - Rainscreen

Our simple, elegant rainscreen profile.

Rainscreen creates a modern flat faced finish with a small gap between the boards.

Uses of Rain Screen can include:

  • Cladding external walls, including new build
  • Fencing
  • Giving a modern look to an old property
  • Cladding an extension to give a modern dual-finish look.
Profile Dimensions
  • Depth: 18mm
  • Width: 141mm
  • Face Cover: 136mm
Board Lengths Available

1.85M, 2.15M, 2.45M, 2.75M, 3.05M, 3.35M, 3.65M, 3.95M, 4.25M, 4.55M, 4.85M

Larch Technical Specification

Latin name
Larix sibirica
Country of origin
Russia - Siberia
Consistent colour; creamy yellow brown. Slowly grown with tight straight grain. Distinct grain pattern. Fine texture. Live inter-grown knots similar to those in pine.
Durability Classification
Durable – In Use Class 3 (Cladding) service life 50-100 years. The timber contains natural fungicide – arabinoglactan.
High. 660 – 750 kg/m3 At 18% moisture content.
Dimensional stability
FSC Certified
High. 1,100 lb/in2 on Janka Scale (Redwood is 480 lb/in2)
Accepts application of stains and paints.
Working properties
Can be sawn and planed with standard woodworking equipment. Pre-drilling recommended.
Austenitic stainless steel fixings are recommended.
End uses
A strong, durable, hard wearing timber used mainly for cladding, rain screens, flooring and decking.